Ubiquiti Networks is an American technology company started in 2005. Based in New York, NY, Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers with a primary focus on under-served and emerging markets.

Residential Wireless Internet

Providers of fixed wireless broadband services typically provide equipment to customers and install a small antenna or dish somewhere on the roof. This equipment is usually deployed as a service and maintained by the company providing that service. Fixed wireless services have become particularly popular in many rural areas where Cable, DSL or other typical home Internet services are not available.

Business Wireless Internet

Many companies worldwide have started using wireless alternatives to incumbent and local providers for internet and voice service. These providers tend to offer competitive services and options in areas where there is a difficulty getting affordable Ethernet connections.

Demand for spectrum

To cope with increased demand for wireless broadband, increased spectrum would be needed. Studies began in 2009, and while some unused spectrum was available, it appeared broadcasters would have to give up at least some spectrum. This led to strong objections from the broadcasting community.